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Pilot Shop Catalogue » Aircraft Avionics » Transceivers » Funkwerk Avionics Transceivers » Funkwerk ATR 833 Transceiver (New Model)

Funkwerk ATR 833 Transceiver (New Model)

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The ATR833 radio is a complete voice communication solution for small aircraft with the new channel separation of 8.33 kHz.

Developed from the very popular ATR 833 OLED, the ATR 833 LCD has all the features of the OLED version but is cheaper.

Features Include

The built-in voice controlled intercom operates up to 4 microphones (2 standard, 2 dynamic). In many cases no extra intercom is required.
This saves cost and weight.

All microphones are separately adjustable.

Using suitable headsets a 4-place intercom can be built-up.

In addition to the standard functions there are 2 memory functions available: Up to 100 frequencies can be stored together with an identifier.
In addition, the 10 last used frequencies can be recalled easily.

The LCD display is perfectly readable in sunlight and consumes significantly less power.
These characteristics are especially interesting for glider pilots.

The ATR833 can be remotely controlled using the ATR833RT remote control unit.

The channel spacing can be switched between 25kHz and 8.33kHz.


    8.33 kHz channel spacing (but supports 25 kHz spacing)
    57mm panel cut out
    4 line LCD for easy operation
    Memorises frequencies with name codes
    Approx 100 ch memory with fast access
    Dual frequency watch (listen only on second freq)
    VOX intercom
    Auto Tx off after 2 mins
    Jeppesen database (please note that the integrated Jeppesen database is optional and is not warranted for integrity and accuracy but is offered as additional help and not as a primary source of information)


Technical Data

    Frequency range: 118.000MHz .... 136.975 MHz
    Channel Spacing: 8.33 kHz
    HF output power: approx 6W
    NF output power: approx 4W
    Dimensions: 57mm hole in panel; length 178mm (without connector)
    Weight: approx 700 g
    Power consumption: approx 120mA standby; 1.8A during transmission
    Power Supply: 10.5V – 14V
    Supplied with connector; optional pre-wired harness available.
    (See Avionics Installation Accessories section)


Funkwerk Datasheet:

The Funkwerk ATR-833 LED datasheet is available to download here.

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