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As of 11 February, we have received news that we cannot accept credit or debit cards through our existing provider. We have only had a brief trading period with this provider, and so we do not have sufficient trading history with them in order to change this outcome.

Unfortunately our website was offline for much of last week, and various parts of the site were not working correctly during the times the site was online. This seems to have panicked some customers into charging back their cards in a very short period. This, combined with our site being offline, has tripped the risk management controls at our merchant bank.

We are now unable to accept cards on our store, and therefore the company is rendered useless. In addition, amounts owed to the company by our card processor will now be withheld, in order to re-pay any affected customers. Therefore the company is short of a great deal of planned income.

We are obligated not to ship any further orders.

We have a strict time limit on refunds, and have tried to complete as many as possible before midnight on 11th February to ensure they go through.

We have already refunded numerous recent orders which had not left recently. We have issued order cancellation messages to those orders by email and your refund will appear shortly.

We negotiated with our merchant account provider (the card processing company) that we should be allowed an extended deadline to keep our account open and perform these refunds).

For any other outstanding orders, we will try to get the refund put through our merchant account. Please check your account over the next 7 days.

We would like to express with absolute truth that this circumstance was completely unexpected. While it is a simple commercial decision for a large banking corporation to take, it is a devastating blow to a small business. This blow was dealt on Monday 10th February, and the final decision was taken on 11th February.

We have been trading very successfully for over 6 years, and have had the pleasure of serving many customers.

As a small company, this decision cannot be taken lightly as it has delivered a crushing prospect.

There are ways and means to re-claim money for any goods not yet delivered, however we have done our utmost to ensure these orders are already refunded. Similarly we have been able to withhold charging cards since November 2013 for orders which could not be immediately fulfilled, so in many cases, your order hasn't been charged and obviously, will not be.

We are tremendously unhappy that the Company is in this position. However, it does not provide for any way forward in the world of e-commerce.

We would like, genuinely, to thank our customers for bringing their custom to Proviation. We offer our sincerest thanks for giving us a chance over these past six years. We have tried to bring new products to market, and we hope that the aviation community in the UK looks to the USA and the wealth of exciting products available, and to the UK manufacturers who continue to support the industry as a whole.

As a smaller company, we recognise that the family companies in the UK play a key part in the fabric of the sector and we hope that our demise will not affect your buying choices in the future.

No one starts a business to fail; however we have satisfied thousands of customers over six years, and we are pleased to have brought new business to our suppliers.

We wish you, whether pilot or otherwise, blue skies and happy landings in life.

Best wishes,

Proviation Ltd.

If you have spent over £100 and used a credit card the credit card company is liable to reimburse your losses under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

If you spent less than £100 on a credit card or used a Visa debit, prepaid or store card you should call the bank that issued the card and ask for a chargeback. With Maestro cards though this only applies where the goods have not been delivered.

You have 120 days to make the claim and it is valid even if the retailer has ceased trading. If the issuing bank declines to refund you (and sometimes they don’t seem to know their own rules), you should contact the Financial Ombudsman Service ( who have determined that such chargebacks are ‘good practice’. You have six months after your final contact with the bank to contact the FOS.

Citizen's Advice:

As for a private limited company

"If the supplier is a private limited company it is a corporate organisation owned by shareholders, usually the directors of the company. It is an organisation in its own right and the legal structure of the company limits the shareholders' responsibilities for the debts of the company. It is likely to be a private limited company if its official name has plc or Ltd in it. You can check this on official letter-headed paper of the firm.

If the firm has stopped trading because of debt you may be able to sort out your complaint with the administrator or liquidator."

What is liquidation?

"If a limited company goes into liquidation, a liquidator will be appointed to collect and redistribute all the company's assets (property, money, shares). They will sell the assets and pay the companies the trader owes money to (creditors). This is known as 'winding up'. Once the winding up is complete, the liquidator sends the final accounts to the Registrar of Companies and the company is considered to be dissolved (gone out of business) three months later."

Since most sales at and have been made by credit or debit card, in this instance you should contact your bank and notify them that the company has ceased trading. This page can be used in order to verify this fact.

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